Forza Global Solutions

Twenty five person company, located in Jiutepec Morelos, designs and manufactures surface protection systems for class A finishes on vehicles, initially supplying the auto plants in Mexico. TechBA assisted in developing their company presentation and opening contacts with Ford and GM sourcing decision makers. This year Ford awarded a contract for four additional assembly plants. In addition, they are currently negotiating with GM Purchasing management in Mexico for similar contracts in their assembly plants in the U.S. and Canada.


Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 12.07.15 PM  Cygnusmx

 Since our inception in 2008, Cygnus has successfully delivered several hundred ‘testing’ solutions to more than thirtyleading companies in the Mexican and U.S. markets. With more than fifty engineers and technicians specializing in project management, mechanical and electrical engineering and software development, Cygnus is capable of managing up to sixteen concurrent projects with, on average, 20% to 30% less lead time than our local and international competitors.



 Unicar Plastics is a 100% Mexican company, which through flexibility, high quality and efficiency in its manufacturing operations in Plastic Injection, offers products and value-added solutions at competitive costs to meet global customer base and partners business in different industries.


    ALKA USA Inc. 

Organization that started operations in 1989 as a supplier to the automotive industry, always working with specific targets that have been to simplify the complexity of projects in production and assembly lines. Striving in quality and service with the customer were able to implement design programs and processes and standardized products such as: rails & cranes, hoists, safety flag cranes, Factory modular  built structures, manipulators, lift tables, service tool carts.


RC2        RC

Mexican NVH (Anti-vibration) solution supplier company with 202 employees located in Mexico City. The company manufactures and design components for motors and transmissions for the OEMs and aftermarket. From 2009 to 2011 has double its sells and profits. TechBA has supported its global grow strategy, its capability to act proactively with global customers and the company’s ability to build strategic alliances in North America.



              ETXE DISEÑO

TechBA Michigan collaborated with this design and engineering company in order to use a network of experts in order to fulfill the project, planning and production, of the Mexican ultra-light sport car in a time frame of 38 months in order to present it at the Royal Automobile Club in London. The Technology Road Map contributed to the materialization of this project with the best resources for every car component.


screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-12-00-35-pm  FORM

We design and produce innovative solutions packaging and packaging made to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and protect the environment. Through packaging with cardboard, returnable packaging and consulting with a design team that can costumize your packaging.



Since its inception in 1989, TUMUSA is a Mexican Company that has been manufacturing welded or seamless carbon steel tubes to be used in boilers, tube, heat exchangers, thermodynamic equipment, cold rolled tubes and automotive usage. Having a strategy to commercialize high technology, a joint venture was created in 2007 between TUMUSA and Prototipos y Asesoria Industrial, which is specialized in designing and manufacturing industrial furnaces.




We have been helping multinational companies and their suppliers for over 17 years,
supporting their manufacturing operations in Mexico since 1989. We currently offer a wide
array of solutions that can help you by minimizing your risk and investment requirements,
so you can take advantage of lower labor rates and our strategic location with relatively
short start-up times.


WEB-3-LOGO_1         GRUPO DAVI S.C.

It is a company legally constituted with experience in technological development, offering specialized services in technological solutions to their production processes, contributing to increase productivity according to the competitiveness that demand global trends. Our main areas of work are: automotive industry, food industry and mining without leaving behind the hydraulic and electric.




At PROESA we are constantly striving to follow our mission to maintain our market position as a true leader in the industry. To this end, PROESA has set medium and long-range goals to be the best company in the application of anti-corrosive paint coatings and to achieve strong brand recognition. Our philosophy of teamwork moves us toward this ambitious goal, with an administration based on principles of values and ethics.



Supply systems manufacturing and world-class services that delight our customers. It is recognized as a magnificent company through our actions with customers, employees, owners and society. Maintain and improve our business position with sustainable earnings. Use a professional and great people with the right skills, tools and technology management.


logo-addico-small-transparent AddiCo

Founded in 2013 in Huixquilucan, México. Our synthesis laboratory was set up in July of that year and in early 2014 we started our pilot lab extruder, this facility allowed the development of our functional polyolefins product line. Our plan for 2017 is to build a new facility to house our growing R&D and administrative areas. AddiCo has a technology platform that allows control of chemical functionality and polarity in its acrylic copolymers; therefore, it can design solutions for diverse application needs.