Improve your Sales Strategy, Structure and Process with a global approach

An in depth review of the company’s sales process and the personnel assigned to this process, considering compensation structure and motivational techniques to improve performance and bottom line results.

Consideration for what can be negotiated in a standard automotive purchase order and proven negotiating tactics to be used in applicable negotiations.

Discover additional advantages that can be negotiated in a standard automotive purchase order. You may have more power than you are lead to believe from your customers, learn negotiating skills that will unlock this power.

Defining and building an effective sales funnel that leads to a functional sales forecasting tool that focuses your company’s resources on obtaining profitable purchase orders.

Identify Key Customer attributes, assistance in the selection process and institution of tactics that move your company into a partnership with these organizations.

With thirty plus years of Sales experience in the automotive industry, selling to the OEMs and their tier one suppliers, TechBA Michigan can analyze your Sales strategies and tactics and develop an action plan to open new opportunities and improve your performance with existing customers.